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What are Picture Tubes™?
The Picture Tube brush in Paint Shop Pro allows you to paint objects without having to draw them. With a tree and foilage tube, you could paint a forest. It is easy to create tubes and fun to share them with friends and colleagues
Paint Shop Pro's Picture Tube tool lets you paint with a variety of objects without having to draw them. You can add butterflies and beetles to a picnic setting, fill an aquarium with fish, or frame a picture with holly. Use one of the Picture Tubes™ included with the program, download them from our tube download page or create your own.

The Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes are saved as ".tub" files in the Tubes folder of the program. If you use the Browser to view them, you can see the objects are arranged in rows and columns. These rows are called cells. When you paint with a Picture Tube, you can control which object appears by changing the settings in the Selection Mode box of the Picture Tube Options dialog box. This dialog box also contains a Cell Arrangement panel, which you use when you are painting with a Picture Tube you have created. This panel is explained in the Creating a Picture Tube tutorial.

Beginning Tips
Lots of PSP tubes that include Angels, art stuff, children, floral, party and Victorian stuff can be found for example at this sweet site:

Christina's tubes

More Tips
If you're interested in learning more about photography, click on the following link, and also visit my Favorite Links page:

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